I believe that making and sharing art allows us to dream, imagine, create, and shape our world; that art allows us to be more fully alive. 

I MAKE DANCES that integrate movement, words, storytelling, and humor. I grew up playing sports and training in the circus, and I bring both of those loves to my work. I have shared my work with audiences throughout the SF Bay Area, in Vermont, Maine, Mexico, and Belgium.

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I TELL STORIES as a Story Producer with the The Nocturnists and offer an "outside eye" to other artists.

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Past projects include:

  • Show & Tell, a quarterly multi-disciplinary performance salon for artists in all stages of the process. 

  • Community of Practice, a project for long-term interdisciplinary artistic feedback and creation.

  • Creation Lab, an informal space for dancers to create, witness, and reflect in community.

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I TEACH dance, acrobatics, and cooking. I also develop curriculum for middle school science, and facilitate professional development trainings for educators.

Learn about my education communities: Athletic Playground, Edible Schoolyard, Impact Science, Slide Ranch

I WRITE about dance and performance. I'm interested in writing as a tool for reflecting on and amplifying the unique perspectives that body-based art can offer.

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photos: Matt Haber Photography