I believe that art - process and product - is vital to rich and resilient living; that live performance is a powerful way for creators, performers and witnesses to enliven their imaginations around what’s possible, what’s true, what matters, and what we’re capable of. I believe this collective imaginary work matters. 

I MAKE DANCES. My work integrates movement, voice, text, physical theater, and humor, and draws on my background in dance, circus, and creative writing. I have presented my work throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, in Vermont, Maine, Mexico, and Belgium, and have performed in works by Christal Brown, Tania Isaac, Chelsea Boyd Brown, Helen Wicks, and Francisco Córdova.

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I ORGANIZE COMMUNITY EVENTS to cultivate spaces for a diverse range of people to engage in art-making, creative dialogue, and interdisciplinary creative research. Current projects include:

  • Show & Tell, a quarterly multi-disciplinary performance salon for artists in all stages of the process. 

  • Community of Practice, a project in interdisciplinary artistic development and community-supported creation.

  • Creation Lab, a space for dancers to create, witness, and offer feedback in community.

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I DIRECT and offer an "outside eye" to other artists in developing their work, and support doctors in telling their stories - both in live performance and podcast form - as a Story Producer with the Nocturnists.

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photos: Matt Haber Photography

I TEACH dance and acrobatics, cooking and gardening, middle school science, and facilitate professional development trainings for educators. I also consult with schools, non-profits, businesses, and districts on curriculum development and implementation.

Learn more about some of the places I've taught: Athletic Playground, Edible Schoolyard, Impact Science, Slide Ranch

I WRITE about dance and performance. I'm interested in writing as a tool for reflecting on and amplifying the unique perspectives body-based art can offer.

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