Remote Cooking Classes


1.5 hour cooking classes to help you up your kitchen game and make a delicious meal to share with your shelter-in-place-mates.


Send me a message, and I'll send you a list of the  ingredients and supplies you'll need. We'll cook it together, step-by-step via Zoom. 


I'm a passionate home cook and former professional cooking teacher. You're excited about learning some new skills. All levels of experience welcome!


$20-40 per household via Venmo or Paypal. Let me know if this scale doesn't work for you and we can find a (free, deferred, bartered) alternative!

upcoming classes


choose-your-own adventure


What do you want to learn how to make? Get in touch to design a customized cooking class to make your food dreams come true.

past classes

homemade pasta & garlicky greens

gorditas & roasted vegetables

korean-style rice bowl (bibimbap)

braised one-pot chicken thighs

kraut & kimchi

kale pesto pasta

coconut vegetable curry

homemade pasta & roasted tomatoes

scallion pancakes & two sauces

moroccan chickpea stew

spicy peanut noodle salad

coconut rice & Jamaican curry

spiced red lentils & cabbage slaw

shiitake-miso ramen & saucy eggplant

spicy tuna onigiri & dipping sauce

mezze platter

stuffed cabbage & tomato sauce

black bean burgers & slaw

fried rice & chili-garlic eggplant

homemade ravioli & kale pesto

mexican roadside chicken tacos


bun ga nuong (Vietnamese-style chicken)

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