All of my work originates in the belief that art - process and product - is a powerful tool for forging connections vital to rich, resilient living. My creative work melds highly-athletic movement, a deep interest in the innate humanity of the moving body, and humor. I like to engage audiences as active participants in performance because I believe that the collaborative labor of collective imagination is real and that it matters. I have presented work throughout the SF Bay Area, in Vermont, Maine, Mexico and Brussels, and have danced in works by Christal Brown, Tania Isaac, Chelsea Brown, Helen Wicks and Francisco Córdova. I teach acrobatics and handstands at the Athletic Playground, create experiential food-based and science curriculum with the  Edible Schoolyard and Impact Science, and regularly write for Life As A Modern Dancer . I also organize and facilitate monthly creation  labs for Bay Area artists, and co-produce Show & Tella quarterly multi-disciplinary performance salon.

I dance because I love it and because I believe art, bodies, and community art-making matter.

photo credit: Mister Ken Photography