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Audio for Performance

"Don't Move"

Text by Peter B. Schmitz

Edited and produced by Molly Rose-Willliams

Presented: Feet to the Floor Festival. 33 Hawley, Northampton, MA (2021)

"Crush Montage"

The Nocturnists

Check out my work as a creative producer with the award-winning healthcare storytelling podcast... 

Crush MontageExcerpted from "We Are All Friends"

Contributors: Aaron, Aviv, Aviva Rose-Williams, Chelsea Boyd Brown, Elaine, Eli Wirtschafter, Evka Whaley Mayda, Ezra, Lena Engelstein, Olivia, Ona Rose-Williams, Raphael Vieira, Vera Yin, and additional contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

Edited by Molly Rose-Willliams

Presented: "We Are All Friends". San Francisco, CA (2022)

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