created and performed by Molly R-W

& Randee Paufve

For the hawk we saw when we needed it most and the fox and sentinel that live inside us all. 


Clark Kerr Campus, Berkeley CA (Mar 2021)


created and performed by Aviva & Molly R-W, and Del Medoff

It's eye smiles, computer eyes, and hugging friends

       with new eyes.

It's houses full of time we used to spend in public places.

It's the smell of mask-breath for your nose alone.

It's accidentally brushing a stranger's pinky...

It's finding things you never missed

      and missing things you never named.

It's moving along despite it all. All of it.


Strawberry Creek Park, Berkeley CA (Aug-Sep 2020)


dancing by Aviva & Molly R-W

production/direction by Martin Legarrigues

May you meet your tattered twin.

May you never forget her perfume,

his laugh, their genius glee.

                                    -Martin Shaw

Filmed onsite at the Albany Bulb, Albany CA.

(May 2020)

We Are All Friends

created and performed by Molly R-W (in progress)*

A 50-minute solo show exploring the ecstasy, heartbreak, confusion, absurdity, and ineffability of love and relationships through a blend of full-bodied movement, spoken-word poetry, and physical theater. In particular, it examines the uniquely labyrinthine landscape of queer love in which a few of us are lovers, many of us are exes, and all of us are friends. At least, we're trying to be.


created and performed by Aviva & Molly R-W


Between communication and understanding lies a vast, sometimes hilarious, at times perilous, uniquely indescribable abyss. Join the intimate journey of two twins exploring the gap between them. We stretch the limits of our uncommon understanding, grasping for the words in every language available - singing, dancing, flipping, climbing, rolling, and pitching ourselves ever onward towards an increasingly elusive clarity. What results is, well, hard to explain. 50 minutes. For audiences of all ages.


Kinetic Arts Center, Oakland CA (Jan 2019)

"8x8x8", The Uptown, Oakland CA (Jan 2019)

"Dance Lovers", Joe Goode Annex, SF CA (Feb 2019)

TicTac Art Centre, Brussels BE (Aug 2019) - excerpt


"Best Special Production" (nominated) - Theatre Bay Area

"Best Voice/Text/Sound" (nominated) - Izzie Awards


created and performed by Molly R-W with Chelsea Brown, Galen Rogers, Ky Woodward & Jesse Wiener

An evening of moving targets, hand signals, hope, and human pyramids. Loud, weird, fast, funny, slow, and tender. Join us as we sift through the trials of group action and explore the power of the collective imagination. 50 minutes.


Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, Berkeley CA (Nov 2018)


created and performed by Molly R-W, Chelsea Brown & Jesse Wiener

A dance inspired by rivers and oceans on a tiny scale. Four feet by four feet, to be precise. 


Marko Disco Night Club, Tijuana MX (Apr 2018)


Semi-Finalist - "4x4 TJ Nights" Concurso de Coreografía

created and performed by Aviva & Molly R-W

Side By Side

Two people careen through life side-by-side, always moving, always together. This piece explores a relationship too thick to be broken moving through terrain too tough to take pause. A physical exploration of isolation, companionship, navigation, and distance in love, it requires continuous movement but never travels. Before long, it looks deeply at fatigue. 


LEVY Studio, SF CA (Jan 2017)

Finnish Hall, Berkeley CA (Jan 2017)

"8x8x8", The Uptown, Oakland CA (Jan 2017)

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