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Created and performed by Molly Rose-Williams with Chelsea Brown, Galen Rogers, Ky Woodward, and Jesse Wiener.

What roles might dance, art-making, and performance play in social change? What can bodies moving together on stage teach us about the actual labor of social movements?

Social Movement is an evening of moving targets, hand signals, hope, and human pyramids. It's loud, weird, fast, funny, slow, and tender. Join us as we sift through the trials of group action and explore the power of the collective imagination.

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*Social Movement was made possible with support from the City of Berkeley, the Zellerbach Foundation, and the generous individual donors of Molly Rose & Co.



"...contemporary dance accented by a distinctive

alchemy of humor and pathos."     

-Claudia Bauer, SF Chronicle

"Brilliant...Beautiful and strange...How a sharp mind translates bodily"

   -Todd Courage, Life As A Modern Dancer

"...performed with an intricacy that made you want

to zoom in and be in on the secret."     

-Dalton Alexander, SF Dance Matters 

"The dancers [wove] metaphysical antidotes for our ailing humanity." 

    -Ann DiFruschia, One Good Quote 

"An evening spanning the joys, sorrows, troubles and triumphs of being human...I came away feeling quite nourished on a soul level." 

    -Karen Gallagher, One Good Quote 


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